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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Drop20Now Program has been very successful on a local level and is now going national and we want you to participate in this trial program which starts on Wednesday, October 9th, 2019. (There are five trials in all). 

Q:  What can I expect if I register for the Drop20Now trial program?

A:  You can expect to learn a lot, you can expect your muscles to be a little sore in the beginning, you can expect to learn about proper nutrition with regards to losing weight…and much more! 

 Expect a weight loss of 10-35lbs. and Better Health, Better Shape, Better Fitness and a Better Life!  



This is NOT a gimmick program/product  that provides “false promises” or provides disclaimers like, “Results Not Typical” so don’t expect to see words like MAGIC, MIRACLE and the like in our promotions. 


Q:  What is involved in the program?

A:  Drop20Now is a comprehensive “Betterment Program” which includes:

  • A Instructional Workbook which contains a NEW & Unique Home Exercise Routine (Easy to follow, Step-by-Step instructions with images)
  • Reducing Nutrition/Diet Plan  (Can be used in conjunction with commercial diet programs)
  • Motivational Progress Chart to keep you on track
  • Tips on how to be successful 
  • And you get online coaching via email support tips for up to 35 days to ensure that you reach your goals.


Q:  Do I need to buy any equipment?

A:  NO!  -  The Drop20Now program uses a combination of standard body weight & isometric exercises performed on a flight of stairs.  The routine is progressive in nature so that intensities and duration can be adjusted up or down based on current fitness levels and abilities. 


Q:  Do I have to “Diet?”

A:  NO & YES -  You can’t “Eat-All-You-Want” if thanks you’re asking.  The Drop20Now program reduces the amount of calories ingested to lose weight according to your set goals.  (The Drop20Now nutrition plan works with most “national diet programs” if you already on that food plan.)  


Q:  I don’t like to exercise, it’s not fun.

A:  First of all, this is not a question, it’s a statement and who says exercise has to be fun?  You signed-up for the Drop20Now program to see RESULTS.   (If you want to have fun, you can go Jet Ski or ride a Roller Coaster). 


Q:  What if I want to lose more than 20 lbs?”

A:  You have 2 options:

     1)  You can continue to do the Drop20Now program on your own.

     2)  You can sign-up for the Drop20More program. (Coming Jan. 2020)


Q:  How do the Program Completion Rebate & Referral Rewards Programs work?

A:  It's plain and simple, complete the Drop20Now Program and you will receive a rebate of $25 within 10 days of your receiving your honest testimonial (positive, negative or neutral).


Current registered participants can refer people to try the Drop20Now Program and when they sign-up you will be credited $10 for every referral. (Referral payments accumulate and are are paid quarterly).


Q: Can I receive an invoice to pay for the Drop20Now Program?

A: Yes, we can invoice you.  Simply send us your email address and we will send an invoice.  

 (Payments are processed securely through PayPal). 

If you have a question, comment or concern, please send it to nationalfitness1000@yahoo.com