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"Lose Weight, Get Fit & Get Paid!"

D20N is a complete program of home exercise, nutrition plan & motivational coaching (5-week course).

Now registering 50 people for the October 30th session. Sign-up this week and receive pre-program instructions so that you a ready to start the D20N program.

Drop20Now Program
$80 includes program/course tuition fee,
coaching, all materials and processing fees

(Receive up to $120 in Rewards- Details below)


"Lose Weight, Get Fit & Get Paid!"

Hello & Welcome,

I want to thank you for considering signing up for the Drop20Now program.  This 5-week course will change your life for the BETTER, if you apply the principles and teachings that I provide in the instructional workbook and through my email correspondence.
After completion of the D20N program, you can expect to lose up to 20lbs., get a more fit body, increase your energy, improve your health and attitude and Get Paid. (Details below)  

Sign-up Now! - Use the Buy Now Button shown to the left and I will email you some basic information and pre-course instructions that will get you ready to start the D20N course.  (Check the deadline dates below)  All 5-week courses start on a Wednesday.

You will be mailed the following materials:
  • D20N Instructional Workbook containing the:
  • D20N Exercise Routine
  • D20N Reducing Nutrition Plan
  • D20N Stretching Routine 
  • D20N Motivational Progress Chart
  • Four Inspirational Message Cards
The D20N program is easy to LEARN, however you will have to PRACTICE it daily for it to become routine.  I will tell you how to overcome common obstacles and be persistent until you ACHIEVE your goals.  

I will send you weekly email coaching advice, periodic tips and answer your questions.  Rest assured, I will do everything possible to help you reach your weight-loss & fitness goals! 

~ Coach John

"It Absolutely Works!" ~ Jamie W.

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Stop Making Excuses and 

"Get Fit & Lose Weight" the right way.

Drop20Now Rewards

Complete the D20N 5-week program, provide an honest testimonial and get paid $20

If you lose weight and wish to continue to the Drop20More program you are welcome to join.

Bonus Buck$ - Receive $10 for each referred friend, family member or colleague, who signs up for the D20N program. (Up to $100 max.)


Fall 2019 - Drop20Now Course Schedule

(All courses start on a Wednesday)


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End Date

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Oct. 30, 2019

Dec. 4, 2019





Nov. 06, 2019

Dec. 11, 2019





Nov. 20, 2019

Dec. 25, 2019


Registration opens 

Nov. 7st


Nov. 27, 2019

Jan. 1, 2020


Registration opens

Nov. 7th