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"Get Fit & Stay Healthy"

The D20N program involves both a progressive home exercise routine & diet plan.  

It is easy to LEARN, however you will have to PRACTICE it daily for it to become routine.  

I will tell you how to overcome common obstacles and be persistent until you ACHIEVE your goals.  

I will send you regular email coaching advice, periodic tips and answer your questions to help you reach your weight-loss & fitness goals! 

The D20N program is deigned for the following individuals:
  • Between the ages of 35-55 years old 
  • Less then 50 lbs. overweight (for women)
  • Less then 75 lbs. overweight (for men) 
  • No medical issues that would prevent you from performing light exercise
  • No issues that would prevent you from choosing a healthy diet to follow.

If you are ready to reshape your body and recharge your life, then let's do this!  
My Guarantee to You: "Your degree of success will be proportionate to your effort."  

Complete the form below so that I can provide you with a special price.

I look forward to working with you.

Sincerely, Coach John

What it's not:  This is not a VHS Video, DVD, Streaming Service, Phone App. or YouTube video.  

D20N is a real program that provides real results.

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