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"Get Fit, Feel Better & Lose Weight!"

"Get Fit, Feel Better & Lose Weight!"

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Pay just $1 for the program/course (Regularly $50) 

plus $25 for materials and fees & ($4.99 S&H)

(Participants can also earn a $20 Program Completion Savings Certificate towards Drop20More)

The D20N program is easy to LEARN, however you will have to PRACTICE it daily for it to become routine.  I will tell you how to overcome common obstacles and be persistent until you ACHIEVE your goals.  

I will send you weekly email coaching advice, periodic tips and answer your questions to help you reach your weight-loss & fitness goals! 

~ Coach John

You will be mailed the following materials:
  • D20N Instructional Workbook containing the:
  • D20N Exercise Routine
  • D20N Reducing Nutrition Plan
  • D20N Stretching Routine 
  • D20N Motivational Progress Chart
  • Four Inspirational Message Cards

"It Absolutely Works!" ~ Jamie W.

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"Get Fit & Lose Weight" the right way.